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Best Reseller Hosting in 2024 …

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Best Reseller Hosting
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Reseller hosting is typically used by web agencies and professionals that resell web hosting accounts to their clients and provide them with technical support when needed.

But you can also use a reseller account to host your own websites so that each site gets its own separate cPanel account for better security.

cPanel + WHM is the standard control panel combo for reseller hosting. But you probably also need a customer management and billing system, and the most popular option is WHMCS.

WHMCS is a third-party software that is separate from cPanel/WHM and requires its own license. Some hosts offer a free or a paid WHMCS license so you don’t have to purchase it on your own.

With support service being the top criterion in mind, the following are four of the most reliable reseller hosting providers I’d recommend in 2024:

If Reddit says it’s good, it’s gotta be good, and KnownHost is one of the best reseller hosting providers recommended by Reddit users.

KnownHost’s reseller plans are all-around good value for money, but the main reason I consider it a great choice is their competent support team.

cPanel and WHM are included for free with each plan but WHMCS (starter) is available as an add-on during checkout. Alternatively, you can opt for Blesta.

MDDHosting is a solid provider if you are looking for easily scalable reseller hosting. Their plans are flexible in that you can add more cPanel accounts, storage and/or bandwidth on demand.

They have two types of reseller plans: Turbo Elastic and Plaid Elastic. The Turbo plans are more affordable but the Plaid plans come with higher performance (NVMe storage and faster CPUs).

WHMCS is available as an add-on option during checkout. You can either get a Starter license (WHMCS branding) or a Plus licence (your own branding).

I’ve had a good experience with ChemiCloud’s hosting and support service. Their support agents will do their best to make sure your requests are promptly and fully resolved.

You can choose between two types of plans that have similar pricing: Storage Optimized plans (give you more NVMe storage but fewer cPanel accounts), or Accounts Optimized plans (more cPanel accounts but less storage space).

All plans include a free Blesta billing system license and some plans come with a free WHMCS Starter license. You can choose a Plus license instead but you’ll have to pay for it.

HostArmada is another reseller hosting provider I can vouch for if you are looking for excellent stability and technical support.

Their plans come with generous features and resources at a reasonable price. Some plans include a WHMCS Starter license for free, or you can go with the WHMCS Plus add-on.

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