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Zac Geekie
Best WordPress Hosting 2024

I’ve been building WordPress websites for about 20 years now and I’ve had the chance to try numerous web hosting providers over the years.

There isn’t really one “best” web host that suits everyone given the different considerations and requirements of each website. I currently use different hosts for different sites of mine.

But in this review I’d like to focus on one provider that checks all the right boxes, which is Pressable.

The following are five major reasons why I think Pressable is the best WordPress hosting provider in 2024…

1. Cloud servers with high availability/uptime

This company uses their own cloud server technology that is exclusively optimized for WordPress as they don’t host any other types of software or apps.

The NVMe SSD servers they utilize have high availability with an automatic failover system. Their uptime is exemplary and they provide a 100% uptime guarantee (see stats here).

2. Faster performance and less crowded servers

In terms of server performance and speed, Pressable takes the cake when compared to overcrowded shared hosts like Bluehost, hostgator, dreamhost, and others.

Pressable’s servers are less crowded and each site gets plenty of processing power and resources. They can efficiently handle some heavy workloads during traffic spikes without making your website painfully slow.

3. More stability

Again, the fact that this isn’t an “unlimited” shared hosting provider that oversells their servers means higher stability with minimal performance fluctuations.

This is especially important for small business and e-commerce websites since a more stable and performant hosting service can have a positive effect on the user experience.

4. Better security and off-site backups

Fully managed WordPress hosting platforms — like Pressable — are generally more secure than shared hosting since users have more restricted access to the server and its configurations.

Besides that and the standard server security systems, the free Jetpack Security license included in their plans is another big advantage. This is one of the best premium security plugins for WordPress that provides real-time malware scanning and automatic off-site backups.

5. Skilled tech support agents

Forget about all of the above, it’s the expert support team at Pressable that impressed me the most.

Unlike cheaper hosts that outsource their support to clueless agents, every one from Pressable’s support team that I talked to seemed to know their stuff pretty well.

This is a fully managed hosting service where you can worry less about keeping your site up and running 24/7 knowing that it’s in good hands.

What are the drawbacks?

I’d say the only major drawback is the premium price tag, but this can be justified by the premium features and support they offer.

This is not the most affordable host to go with if you are launching a small website or a personal blog that you don’t expect much out of.


I think Pressable is the best WordPress host in 2024 for small business, e-commerce and any serious website. They have fast servers, secure environment, excellent uptime and top-notch technical support.

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